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Welcome to the Joshua Generation Application page. 

The Joshua Generation cohort is a group of high school students (grades 9-12) who spend a year learning and studying together in preparation for a Civil Rights Pilgrimage through the South during the summer. For more information about the Joshua Generation program, please visit the Next Generation Ministries website


Please note that this application requires you to upload written reference from a church leader, such as a pastor or youth leader, recommending you as a participant in this program. 


If you have any questions about the application, please contact Ryan Clements at rclements@gnjumc.org


Student Information

Church Information


Please also email a letter of recommendation from your pastor to Ryan Clements at rclements@gnjumc.org

Parent Information

Student Commitments

Do you commit to attend all pilgrimage gatherings before the trip as well as any follow-up gatherings?

Do you commit to not go on the pilgrimage as an expert or with a "I know the answers" mentality?

Do you commit to go as a learner and with humility, open to viewpoint with which you might agree and with which you might disagree?

Do you commit to acclimate to the pilgrimage locations and to respect the cultural views of those with whom we will visit?

Do you commit to fundraise the costs you are responsible for?

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