The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey


FOR CHURCH REPORTS: please only have one person working on the reports at a time. An issue can be caused when multiple people are logged in and one member logs out. This will cause everyone in that church to be logged out. 


SAVE/SUBMIT OFTEN: Especially if you are going to walk away from the computer HIT THE SUBMIT/SAVE BUTTON. The site will time out, it is better to save often so that you do not lose the information that you have entered. 



Clergy – Once logged in, he/she will have access to the three clergy annual reports.  Deacons only complete the Deacon Annual Report, all other clergy complete the Pastor Profile/Advisory for Appointment Making, and senior pastors complete the Report of the Pastor.  The church does not see this report.  Please keep a copy for your records.


Churchesreceived a username and password to be shared by church leaders with reporting responsibilities.  This information was sent to the main email address we have on file for the church. If your church has not received their information, please contact us at Once logged in, he/she will have access to four reports (Directory of Officials, Parsonage Evaluation and Report of the Trustees)


The Church Profile/Advisory for Appointment Making report will require the SPRC Chair to log in via a secure link with the church username and login. Please DO NOT share this link with other church leaders as this report contains confidential advisory information intended for the Cabinet to view and use for appointment purposes. The church does not see this report.  Please keep a copy for the SPRC records.


Lay Servants and Certified Lay Ministers – received a username and password. Once logged in, he/she will have access to the Lay Servant Annual Report or the Certified Lay Minister Report. Please download a copy of the report and provide it to your local church and save a copy for your records.



- Once you have completed the report CLICK SUBMIT

- Click HOME and then go back into the report

- Click CTRL+P (Windows users) or COMMAND+P (Mac users) to use your browser’s dialogue box.

Select Print or Save as PDF. 

You can access the reports without the instructions at the top by using the following links:

Directory of Officials

Parsonage Evaluation

Report of the Trustees

Deacon Annual Report

Report of the Pastor

Pastor Profile

Lay Servant Report

CLM Report


Are your reports printing too small? 

Depending on your browser and printer there are different instructions to enlarge the size of what you are printing. The general directions are listed below. Again the exact wording and options might be different but the process will be similar:


1. Click on the link to access the printable version of the report that you need.

2. Click CTRL+P (MS Windows) or COMMAND+P (Macs) to bring up the print dialogue.

3. Find your printer in the list and find "print options" or "print preferences" or your printer's settings area. It will be in the print dialog window. 

4. Once you click on the options/settings/preferences this will bring up all of the printing options. In this window there will be a spot to allow you to enlarge the print size. You might need to click on "advanced options" to get there. Generally this is listed as a percentage scale that you can increase.